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Beautifying Exteriors

LEMINEX laminates offers some of finest high pressure and compact laminates. And is a pioneer of luxury laminates in the world especially Europe and Asia. It was started in 1978.It was founded on the idea that a laminate is much more than an invisible background. It is a resilient, flexible product that has unlimited potential in surface décor. LEMINEX not only reinvented the way laminates looked,but also the way people look at laminates.

LEMINEX gave the laminate a complete makeover with finishes and colours like never before. Suddenly the laminate were no longer just an economical, hard-wearing countertop. LEMINEX created laminates that had texture, unparalleled designs and most importantly; character.

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Our Product-HPL Exterior Cladding

High Pressure Laminate Exterior Cladding


High Pressure Laminate Exterior Cladding has become an increasingly popular feature to enhance the appearance of a new or renovated facade.


A. UV RESISTANT TOP LAYER COATED WITH WITH POLY URETHANE (PU) AND 3 LAYERS OF ACRYLIC: This technology is the Superclad technology. A multi layer of acrylic along with a special grade of "highly UV absorber enriched Poly Urethane (PU)" is coated on top of the clad. Due to this, the cladding conforms to both EGS and EDS grade requirement, enabling total quantity of UV absorber remains much higher than conventional film pressing clad.

B. ELECTRON BEAM CURING TOP LATER: In this technology, LMINEX Exterior Claddingis treated with the mix of natural fibres and thermosetting resins on the top layer, under very high pressure and temperature.

C. HIGH ABRASION OVERLAY: This layer conform that the LEMIMNEX EWC remains absolutely changing weather condition abuse resistant. The climate shock along with abrasions deteriorate the decorative paper and then the entire clad, but this layer increases the scratch and abrasion resistance.

D. DECORATIVE PAPER: Selected from the premium ranges of leminex Laminates, we bring you highly aesthetic decorative papers that not only gels with the exterior elements but also sooth your preferences of colors.

E. KRAFT PAPER: Melamine and Phenolic resins are best known for binding agents. Together these two resins act beautifully in binding the entire layer with the kraft paper. Ensuring no tearing, breaking or deteriorating of clad at any season.


Our products undergo rigorous testing to make sure they exceed
quality standards and withstand the test of time.

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In our commitment to perfection we have had to turn quite a few stones,
still we have to go miles and miles, and learn a lot.


The superior GLE technology from our R&D team make LEMINEX
LEMINEX HPL SHEETS a weather proof laminates sturdy product that can withstand extreme weather conditions and makes it perfect for exterior use.

Exclusive Applications

  • Wall and facade linings
  • Cladding or exhibition building
  • Sporting & entertainment complexes
  • Decoration of commercial sites
  • Residential dwellings
  • Silhouette profiles
  • Fences
  • Rear ventilated facades
  • Ceilings
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Public facilities
  • Playground facilities
  • Facade Claddings
  • Balcony Claddings
  • Sport facilities
  • Sun protection
  • Business entry portals
  • Functional constructions
  • Attic Cladding
  • Partitions
  • Awnings